Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Welcome to the STORM DRAIN!!!!

Storm drains. Those familiar open slots in the curbs and gutters that funnel storm water and waste... below.

One particular storm drain seems to be the lair of something... dangerous.

And you never know WHAT will piss it off!

In the words of one viewer:
"A Horton creation is 100% eye-gluing entertainment...!"

Here's the film's Classic 1950's-Style design poster

Here's a new, Modern Style poster design...





Here is our FIRST Teaser Trailer...

And Here's a "Public Service Announcement" for you civic-minded types...


      Storm drains. Most communities have them. Those familiar open slots in the curbs and gutters that funnel storm water and waste... below.

   This particular storm drain in a small mountain community in Southern California seems to be the lair of something... big. And dangerous.

   It's said people have gone missing near this storm drain, and now it looks as though several sewer workers from the Flood Control District have been killed by something lurking within the deep, dark, concrete tunnels.

   Whatever that something is.. it's big. And it's FAST.

   And you never know WHAT will piss it off!

What do Lt. Tuvok, John Redcorn, and The Soup Nazi have in common?
They will all be starring together in Pony R. Horton’s new Horror/Comedy short film, 
STORM DRAIN, filming summer of 2016.

Well, the actors who PLAYED them on TV, that is.

This is a good, old-fashioned Creature Film – the theme of which is “What the HELL is under your street?”

Created and directed by Pony R. Horton, master visual effects artist best known for his VFX work on the award-winning web series STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES.

Like a storm drain in the gutter, this film will SUCK YOU IN with it’s energetic combination of thrills, chills, and belly laughs.
It will be shot in 4K and in the CinemaScope-style format.
Like so many independent productions, this 30-minute film will be both crowdfunded AND Pre-Sold to YOU. To learn more about the Pre Sell Drive, SCROLL DOWN.

So, be WARNED – NEVER throw stuff down the Storm Drain… you never know WHAT you might PISS-OFF!


Famous to film and TV audiences for playing
to SEINFELD'S The Soup Nazi...
to KING OF THE HILL's John Redcorn...
and even Cleo from ANGER MANAGEMENT... 

Storm Drain features a talented and well-known cast of actors, none of whom have any REAL concept of what AWAITS THEM... down below!

  STORM DRAIN Exclusive Pre-Sale Postcards HERE!


...You will be able to support STORM DRAIN by purchasing a High-Quality, Collectable POST CARD featuring the film's 1950's-Style poster. On the back of the card will be an ID Code that will reserve YOUR exclusive download of the film STORM DRAIN!

You know how the Hollywood studios "pre-sell" their films to foreign markets in order to raise funds for the shooting budget?

Well, that's the same idea here, on a low budget. This is NOT A DONATION!!!
We’re selling you this beautiful Poster Image as a Collectable POSTCARD!!! 

It has an ID Code Number printed on the back that you Enter online to DOWNLOAD the film!!
I am selling these cards NOW (in addition to Crowdfunding,
so we can fund the film's production this fall).

The Film's Budget is about $28,000.

That includes salaries for the cast and crew, materials for set construction, camera and lighting equipment purchases and rentals, film permits and insurance, rental of shooting facilities and locations, props and costuming and makeup, various and sundry supplies,
and of course, meals for cast and crew.

 If we can sell 12,000 - 13,000 individual Pre-Sale Postcards
of the Exclusive Pre-Release Download Code, at $3 each, we can cover the cost of shooting and finishing the film right out of the gate, no crowdfund needed!

These are lovely 5" X 7" postcards printed from the film's posters and artwork, that I will personally autograph, and charge $2.50 to $3 ea depending on whether I hand them out or mail them.
For example; if you send for a postcard through this website, I will mail it to you, so it's $3.
But if I sell it to you directly in-person, say, at a convention, No Mailing, so it's $2.50

Each postcard will have a unique ID number on the back, and that number allows you to redeem the download at the right time. Just enter the ID number and the film is yours!

This way, my friends, fans, and viewers get something for their money, something tangible and personal - a print of an artwork I created myself, and sold, signed, DIRECT to YOU, the viewer.

Almost like I'm reaching out of the screen at you to give you stuff!

Anyway, at $3 each including postage, you are getting a nice collectable card
AND still funding the production of the film!

Visit the SUPPORT Page

Having said all that, YES we also will have a Crowdfund Campaign on IndiegoGo,
for any donations of $5 and up, with appropriate perks.

My goal is to shoot the film in late summer or early fall 2016. 
I figure it like this... I sell prints of my fine art paintings directly to clients, patrons, individual buyers, etc. That's one way an artist can sell his or her work. Some artists use a gallery, or an agent.

I prefer to sell directly to my buyers. They know they are supporting an actual artist, and we can have a direct, real relationship. I am honored to be able to make pictures people like, and I figure the least I can do is meet and know them directly, rather than through a third party. It's more personal, and more fun!

So, I need you, my Friends, and associates, to help get the word out. Let ten or a hundred of your friends know; post it to your pages; hang a banner sign on a cow; yell it from loudspeakers mounted atop your car!

You can email for more information, or to make a direct $3 payment, at...
That address will work as an email address and a PayPal address.

Purchase POSTERS of the Storm Drain ad art designed by Pony R. Horton!!!

These are Custom-Printed giclee prints, with rich color and a glossy laminate!
The One-Sheet-styles come in 18" X 27" and are ready for framing!!!
For the time being I am offering Personalized, Autographed Prints,
mailed to you from me, Pony Horton,  personally.
$75. including shipping within the US.

Purchase 5' X 7" Custom Printed collectable Postcard of the 1950's-style poster
 $3 autographed by Pony Horton and mailed in the U.S.!!!
INCLUDES Unique download ID Code for the film!!!
ALL FUNDS go directly into the STORM DRAIN budget account.
They will remain there until Budget Goal has been reached.

Classic 1950's-Style

Modern Style
Comedy Style

PSA Poster - non autographed $55

PSA Poster Patriotic - non autographed  $55


$5.00 – Blog / BTS Video Access; Downloadable Poster and a THANKS on our website!

$10 - Same as above perk PLUS Downloadable Screenplay, and one postcard-size print of the film's 1950's style poster Autographed to you by Pony Horton, mailed to you.

$55 – 18” X 24” Printed Poster drop shipped to you (Your choice of any of the film's posters or art)

$100 – 24” X 36” Printed Poster drop shipped to you (Your choice of any of the posters or art)

$100 – Limited Edition Manhole Cover Coin, solid brass, 1.5” diameter (Minimum $500 per 100 coins cost to make at $300 for the coins and $200 die setup fee)

$100 – Your name in the Screen Credits and Website, under “Production Affiliates”

$300 - 24” X 36” Printed Poster AUTOGRAPHED by Cast and Director, shipped to you

$300 – Shooting Script AUTOGRAPHED by Cast and Director

$500 – One-on-one 30-minute telephone consult with Pony Horton on your film project! Talk about visual effects, editing, cameras and shooting, lighting, anything your little heart desires!

$500 – One Matte Painting or Visual Effects Element created for your movie or video (Certain restrictions apply)

$1,000 - YOUR NAME rendered in a graffiti tag seen ON-CAMERA, ON THE WALL inside the storm drain tunnel right where the scenes take place!!!

Example of tag styles.

$1,000 – A Day On-Set and Lunch With Cast, Director, and Crew

$2,500 – Skeleton Dead Victim Full-Size Prop, screen-used.

$5,000 – Executive Producer Credit on the film's screen credits. A Day On-Set and Lunch With Cast, Director, and Crew. Limited Edition Manhole Cover Coin, solid brass, 1.5” diameter. 24” X 36” Printed Poster AUTOGRAPHED by Cast and Director. Shooting Script AUTOGRAPHED by Cast and Director. On-Camera Interview on BTS Reel.

$5,000 – Non-Speaking Featured Role in the film, acting directly with the STARS!!! Lunch With Cast, Director, and Crew. Limited Edition Manhole Cover Coin, solid brass, 1.5” diameter. 24” X 36” Printed Poster AUTOGRAPHED by Cast and Director. Shooting Script AUTOGRAPHED by Cast and Director. On-Camera Interview on BTS Reel.

Check Back Often! More Coming SOON!!!


   This is the old Los Angeles County Flood Control District logo. It was famous in L.A. for decades, but has long since passed into oblivion, as that agency was folded into the L.A. County Department of Public Works.

From L.A. County's website:

  "In 1984, the Flood Control District entered into an operational agreement with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works transferring planning and operational activities to the Department of Public Works. Watershed Management Division is the planning and policy arm of the Flood Control District. Public Works Flood Maintenance and Water Resources Divisions, respectively, oversee its maintenance and operational efforts.

   The Flood Control District encompasses more than 3,000 square miles, 85 cities and approximately 2.1 million land parcels. It includes the vast majority of drainage infrastructure within incorporated and unincorporated areas in every watershed, including 500 miles of open channel, 2,800 miles of underground storm drain, and an estimated 120,000 catch basins."

In STORM DRAIN, several characters who are sewer workers will be wearing this logo, and it will be seen on vehicles and props.